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caregiver license

Get certified to begin your career as an Assisted Living Caregiver. Students will complete a minimum of 62 hours of course attendance as mandated by the state board. During the Caregiver course, students must pass all chapter exams with an 80% or higher. To help students study and prepare for the exams, FreshStart provides Caregiver students with online study aids accessible via the eLearning class portal.

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group home managers license

The Assisted Living Manager program is a 40-hour course. The FreshStart Manager course instructors are current industry professionals that have years of relevant experience and knowledge. While attending classroom instruction, students have access to online studying materials.

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CPI certification

CPI teaches professionals the skills to identify, prevent and de-escalate crises in the workplace. With distinct levels of training, CPI offers solutions for every role and risk level, in every organization. The CPI serves the needs of professionals who need to deal with emotionally distraught, disruptive, or violent people.

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CPR/first aid

For FreshStart  students you receive exclusive access to a discount rate for both CPR and First Aid training. Please contact us  to learn more or Heart Savers to schedule a time to take a CPR or First Aid class.

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TB Testing

Advance your portfolio with first-hand technical training on Tuberculosis (TB) prevention and control.

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caregiver license

Advance in your career as a​ Caregiver by earning your certification through our caregiver​ certification program!

To give caregiver students the best training available, we provide a minimum of 62 hours of course attendance, which must be completed as mandated by the state board.

The students will receive login credentials and instructions for all distance learning materials through the email addresses they sign up with.

The flexible course enables each candidate to get personalized education, as the distance learning chapters can be completed before, after, or during the classroom phase.

The next stage sees caregiver students attending and completing 42 hours of classroom instructions. Students must attain 80% of total scores or higher to pass the course at the end of each chapter exam.

We help students research and prepare for exams the right way by providing online study aids accessible via the eLearning platform.

Caregiver License Course Overview

Course fee: $499.00  

Course Requirements: 

  • Complete 20 eLearning hours and 42 classroom hours for a total of 62 hours. 
  • Complete requirements for the Arizona Food Handlers Card. 
  • Complete and submit the AZDPS fingerprint card application. 
  • Pass all class exams and the final course exam with 80% of total scores or higher. 
  • Pass the Arizona State Final Exam through D&S Diversified Technology.

crisis prevention and intervention® (CPI) certification

Become a skilled and certified professional in handling workplace emergencies with our excellent crisis prevention education opportunities. 

We take you through an extensive program of learning how to deal with nonviolent crisis intervention, dementia care, and emotionally disruptive individuals. Our highly dedicated team of instructors has extensive knowledge in the diverse fields that crisis prevention can apply. 

This program offers courses to: 

  • Healthcare professionals  
  • Behavioral Health professionals  
  • Correctional Facility professionals  
  • First Responders 
  • Educators 
  • Service-oriented professionals 

We understand and value how relevant this crisis prevention program is in virtually all healthcare industry fields. The Crisis Prevention Institute® modules; which are applied throughout this program, provide solutions to every risk level in every role available in an organization.

Crisis Prevention Course Overview

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Foundation Course with advanced Physical Skills 

The flagship Nonviolent Crisis Intervention program from the CPI is offered alongside an advanced physical skills course for Caregivers and first responders who face a higher risk of physical violence. This curriculum provides high-risk caregivers with the tools to safely deescalate and mitigate crises. 

Our program offers the optimal mix of concepts and skills that safely address many of the behaviors staff encounters. 

Program fee: $200

Program length: 12-16 Hours  

Program includes: 

  • Crisis Prevention Intervention Certification 
  • Online generated Certificate available upon Course Completion. 
  • Free e-book preview of Calm Every Storm, Preventing Aggressive Behaviour with your words. 
  • Course Handbook (hardcopy)  
  • Escape and Evasion Physical Intervention

certified nursing assistant (CNA)

Nursing Assistants are vital to daily operations in hospitals, nursing care facilities, and other establishments and communities that cater to elderly, ill, and rehabilitation patients who can not provide care for themselves. 

Compassion and skill in care are what we prioritize, and we believe our training program provides the adequate skills needed to provide safe, quality care. 

CNA to caregiver bridge

The NCIA board allows licensed Arizona CNA students to waiver classroom hours. This shortened classroom experience qualifies students to complete the CNA Training curriculum and still have Medication Management classes. 

CNA Certification Course Overview

Program fee: $1355.00  

Program includes: 

  • Textbook 
  • Stethoscope and Uniform top 
  • Class supplies  
  • Optional Payment methods 

Payment options: 

  1. Pay the program fee of $1355.00 in full at the registration point. 
  2. Pay $695.00 at the registration point, and the balance of $660.00 due the first week of classes. 
  3. Pay $335.00 at the registration point, and then three installments of $350.00 each before the end of the program. 

 PLEASE NOTE: Option three includes a finance charge of $30.00  

Advanced Placement tuition must be paid in full at registration.


group home mangers license

Certify your skills as a Group Home Manager with our world-class course plan and body of industry-expert tutors. 

The Group Home Manager program is a 40-hour course. Our faculty of instructors are world-renowned industry professionals who have extensive years of relevant practice and knowledge. 

The FreshStart Manager course requires students to take individual chapter tests to assess their comprehension of all the course materials. Students will take the final exam at the end of the course and are expected to attain 80% of total scores or higher to be eligible for state certification exams. 

Once the student passes the FreshStart Group Home Manager course, they will be eligible to sit for the Arizona State Written Final Exam and the NCIA Board Certification Exam. Both are required by Arizona State law to work as an Assisted Living Manager in any care facility or home. 

We make the learning process all too easy for you, by providing online study guides and materials that are accessible through the eLearning Platform.

Group Home Mangers Course Overview

Course fee: $465.00  

Tuition includes: PDF Manual, technology fee, and administrative fee.  


  • Students are expected to have reached the age of 21 before applying to the program. 
  • A copy of High School Diploma, GED, College Transcript, or Diploma. 
  • Fluency in the English language. 
  • Must be able to meet the application requirements of the NCIA Board. 
  • 2080 hours of verifiable health-related experience in the past five years. 
  • Assisted Living Caregiver training certification, dated on or after August 2013. 


Certification as an Assisted Living Caregiver, dated on or after August 2013 is required, unless you are currently a Licensed Arizona Nurse (LPN/RN), Doctor (MD/DO), or Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Administrator. 

Additional information can be downloaded at www.aznciaboard.us


first aid & CPR

Learn the fundamentals of applying the correct response to medical emergencies.  

The Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) classes we offer train students to recognize when an individual is experiencing a cardiac arrest and how to administer the right emergency response. 

The First Aid classes cover a range of accidents students can confidently discern and administer the right treatments. Possession of this knowledge prevents the medical situation from escalating. 

FreshStart offers an exclusive discount to students who sign up for both CPR and First Aid training. 

First Aid & CPR Course Overview

This flagship program consists of two courses, which are in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid treatment. We believe it is essential for caregivers to be equipped with both skills to learn the appropriate technic to administer in any medical emergency.

The CPR classes from The CPR Certification institute® in Arizona teach students how to discern when an individual has a cardiac arrest and the correct way to perform CPR.

The First Aid classes from The CPR Certification institute® in Arizona prepare caregivers with life-saving skills to address accidents and injuries ranging from cuts, bruises, scrapes, breaks, physical exhaustion to severe harm caused by accidents and natural disasters.

Disclaimer: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the CPR and First Aid Certification Program will be conducted virtually.

Program fee: $50

Program Includes:

  • 24/7 access to the 100% online program
  • Fast, flexible, easy path to certification and recertification
  • Study materials and tests created by licensed healthcare providers
  • Program is AHA an ECC based
  • Streamlined preparation materials for faster learning
  • Unlimited free practice tests & final exam retakes
  • Free instant printable PDF certification card
  • Material covers First Aid and comprehensive CPR training

TB testing and control

Advance your portfolio with first-hand technical training on Tuberculosis (TB) prevention and control. 

Learn the population statistics and demographic trends of TB in Arizona. The course is mandatory for healthcare specialists. Students will be equipped with technical training on testing TB and how to prevent the spread of suspected TB cases. 

In this program, personnel will learn how to educate individuals and groups vulnerable to TB exposure on healthy and safe practices to decrease the risk of a TB outbreak. 

We provide a holistic procedure in identifying and administering the appropriate response to those at high risk of contracting the TB bacteria.

TB Testing and Control Course Overview

Tuberculosis (TB) is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis that is transmitted through the air. TB generally occurs in two forms, latent TB infection (LTBI) and TB disease.  

This course educates you on how TB spreads, the spread stages, the infected body parts, those at risk of infection, and how to recognize symptoms. 

Course fee: $30


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